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South Korean-born singer-songwriter-recording artist and classically trained multi-instrumentalist Dami Im made her first mark with Australian audiences in 2013, winning the reality television singing competition The X Factor.

She later moved on to International fame when she came second in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.

When Dami was nine years old, she came to Australia with her family. Her early schooling was full of challenges as she didn’t know a word of English. Growing up, Dami always assumed she would become a classical pianist as that is what she was good at since starting to play at age 5, and her parents aspired to see her tour the world as a classical pianist. Her mother Hae Yun (Helen) Lee is a trained classical opera singer, much as Dami is a trained classical pianist - the musical talent is inherited.

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About DamiAbout Dami
About Dami
About Dami

Dami Im’s Outstanding Achievements

  • Dami Im began learning the piano, violin and flute at the age of five
  • At the age of eleven, Dami began studying classical piano at the Young Conservatorium of Music program at Griffith University in Queensland
  • Dami won the Nora Baird Scholarship and then the Queensland State Piano Competition several times during her teenage high school years
  • Dami taught herself to sing as a teenager by recording herself copying her favourite artists
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