From the time a very shy and unassuming Dami Im took the stage at The X Factor 2013, she captured the hearts of those present in the audience as well as those watching her on their television sets. It was apparent from the start that here was a talent the likes of which had never before been seen on the Australian X Factor reality music contest. Time after time her phenomenal performances evoked such deep emotions, moving hearts and souls, stimulating the senses and eliciting goosebump reactions. With each performance, came spontaneous standing ovations and it was soon obvious that Dami Im was going to emerge the winner.

Such was and has been her impact on those who hear her singing and are touched by her humility, honesty and authenticity that a small, loyal support network emerged during the contest and has grown enormously in the ensuing years. This support network is named the Dami Army. As Dami moves from strength to strength, writing, composing and producing her music, being invited to travel to various countries in the World as Ambassador representing Australia at events and being widely sought after to perform at major events nationally, her Dami Army has grown into a Global Fan Base, following her footsteps, celebrating her successes and supporting her endeavours. Dami knows she can always rely on her Dami Army who can be a force to be reckoned with.