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It was my enormous blessing to be present at the Human Nature ‘Little More Love: 30th Year Celebratory Tour” Canberra concert on Monday. Looking around I didn’t see any Dami Army I knew but this was, after all, Human Nature’s tour with, of course, Dami as very special guest.

When Dami announced that she was going to tour Australia with Human Nature I thought to myself, hmmm…. could do better as my recollection of Human Nature was that of a cheesy harmonising boy band. At RAC Arena in Perth last night a confident and relaxed Dami came out on stage and took control of an absolutely outstanding breathtaking performance.

What we find unique about Dami is the fact that she is a superstar here in Australia and overseas and yet she is so humble, genuinely caring, and very generous with her time (eg; Telethons and fundraisers), giving to charities and is also an ambassador for Compassion Australia

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