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Sketches for Compassion

The Dami Army ‘Sketches for Compassion’ Project

Dami Army is populated with members from all walks of life and with a wide variety of talents. One such member is Paul (Khai) Diep, a talented sketch artist and painter.

Paul’s father was a renowned Vietnamese artist, achieving thousands of paintings and sculptures in his lifetime. His works are displayed in museums in Vietnam and other countries in the world. Of these, there are over 200 paintings and sculptures of the revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh for whom he was his personal sculptor. Some of his paintings were done on silk was originally given to Ho Chi Minh by Chairman Mao Tse Tung of China. Several of his statues of Ho Chi Minh were made into monuments of marble, bronze or granite and stand in places of homage in Ho Chi Minh City. Paul’s father was honoured with the most prestigious award of the Ho Chi Minh Prize for Art and Literature in 1996.

Paul has undoubtedly inherited his artistic talents from his famous father and which he generously uses to support and promote Dami. During the Dami Army campaign to advocate for Dami to be chosen to represent Australia at Eurovision, he was a major contributor with the many inspired Photoshop edits which he produced for other Dami Army members to use in promoting Dami on social media.

Following the success of Dami at Eurovision 2016, Paul was inspired to revive his love of sketching and started to share posts of his early charcoal drawings of Dami with Dami Army. Such was the overwhelmingly positive reception that he began to receive offers to commission and purchase his work.

True to his humanitarian outlook, Paul then came up with an idea to combine the demands for his stunning drawings of Dami with supporting the programs of Compassion Australia. Compassion is a Christian international holistic child development organization dear to the hearts of Dami and Noah for the impact their programs have on lifting children from poverty in the world.

Thus was born the ‘Sketches for Compassion’ project. In conjunction with Dami’s Dami Army Official – Dami Im group, Paul offers his charcoal sketches of Dami and accepts commissions for his astounding works for a nominated amount donated entirely to Compassion Australia naming Dami as the inspiration and in the name of Dami Army. Since the Project began, thousands of dollars have been sent to support this admirable organization, ultimately benefiting the Compassion children and raising awareness of their plight.

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