Ah, where do we even start? There are so many reasons why Dami Im is simply the best & why we, her army, love her to bits! But, in an attempt to try to keep it short, we’ve limited ourselves to listing just the top 5 reasons.

1. Her Voice

This one goes without saying. Dami’s voice can only be described as soul-stirring. When she sings, she moves us with the power of her voice.

“She gives 100 per cent, she doesn’t care what her body looks like, she just belts it out and you sit back and just go ‘wow'” said Redfoo, The X Factor judge, about Dami when she was one of the finalists on the show.

2. Her Realness

From her X-factor days till now, Dami has kept it real. It’s very easy to live in a celebrity bubble, cut off from the real world and its issues. We see it happen with so many celebrities these days. But Dami has shown us time and again that she’s still the Dami that we fell in love with all those years ago.

“When I go [out] without any makeup, in bad clothes, people don’t recognise me – which is good, as I don’t want them to,” she told in an interview.

3. Her Weirdness

“Because I’m weird and everyone is a little weird, they can relate,” she said in an interview. And ain’t that the truth! Who needs an oh-so-perfect diva as a role model when you can have an oh-so-wonderfully-real and talented one instead?

4. Her Instagram

Her posts and stories give her fans a peek into her life, showing us what she’s up to, both in her personal and professional life. And it’s not all about living the high life either. In true Dami style, her posts are a mix of the glamorous, the quirky and everything else in between.

Dami Im5. Her Sense of Style

Dami’s sense of style has been very unique. She refuses to toe the line and constantly breaks the fashion rules, expressing herself in wonderful ways through her clothing. Her style is an extension of her personality – fun, vibrant and awe-inspiring.

So, there you have it. The top 5 reasons why we love Dami Im. She’s one of a kind!

Here’s a post of hers that we had a good chuckle over.