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Words inspired by Dami Im’s song “Crying Underwater”

Words inspired by Dami Im’s song “Crying Underwater”






‘Crying Underwater’
Release date: 13/9/2019

Such is the incredible impact this song has, with the ability for it to move people emotionally and relate to their own lives. This powerful ballad transcends us to that emotional place which we run away from as we try to hide behind our smiles. This compelling song will resonate with a lot of people and a heartfelt thank you to Dami for wearing her heart on her sleeve with this beautiful song.






Dami’s ‘Crying Underwater’ has inspired me to write a poem about something which is close to my heart: the calamitous death of 360 passengers on board the ship ‘The RMS Tayleur’ which tragically ran aground just off Ireland on its maiden voyage to Australia, thus denying hundreds of keen emigrants the chance to start new lives in our country.









Words inspired by Dami Im’s song “Crying Underwater”:

‘I cry for those who can cry no more
Their tears not seen underwater
Drowning nobody to save them
They were crying underwater

Watching them cry oh the pain
My wife my child my baby
Australia bound we were all
They were crying underwater

Liverpool Port many did leave
Lambay‘s rocks what a curse
Their souls left that earthly place
They were crying underwater

Upon those rocks I did climb
Looking down on all I loved
Helpless lonely and ashamed
They were crying underwater’

G Coleman



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