She took Australia to new heights on the scoreboard at Eurovision 2016 and she’s continued to climb ever since.  And now singer-songwriter Dami Im proves the point once more with a brand new song titled “Crying Underwater“.

The track sees Dami find her way back to her most recent pop release “Fighting For Love”.  The chorus combines soft electronic vibes with a piano melody that immediately draws the listener into what she has to say.

And as ever she has a lot to let out. Lyrically, “Crying Underwater” is about releasing all the emotions built up in your chest.  In a TV interview with Seven’s The Daily Edition, Dami described it as a situation when “people just wear masks and go around pretending everything is fine when…on the inside you’re crying”.  When she sings that “my body is a graveyard that buries all of my emotions”, you know exactly what she means.

It’s also personal to Dami as she continues to process the loss of a close friend who seemed really happy on the outside — but sadly took his own life.  Produced by Andy Mak, Dami’s first pop single in three years marks the return of the Australian singer-songwriter to those big pop anthems.  Surely “Crying Underwater” will easily go down as one of her strongest efforts. And writing the song herself (along with Perth-born Michael Tan), she’s really put her heart into it.

Vocally you won’t be disappointed either. The final chorus is an epic showdown where Dami puts the cherry on top of a song designed to make her voice shine.

It’s the latest success for Dami and her loyal army.  Her Eurovision entry “Sound of Silence” remains Australia’s most successful entry to date.  Following its release, she went platinum in her home country.  Follow-up cover albums ‘Classic Carpenters’ and ‘I Hear a Song’ solidified her status in the music scene down under.

The South Korean-born singer also continued a set of live shows throughout the entire nation of Australia.  Following the huge response she even had to add encore shows to her ‘Yesterday Once More’ tour in support of her Carpenters’ covers album.  She’s currently on tour throughout the nation, concluding in Perth on November 16.

The winner of Australia’s fifth season of The X Factor has also actively supported children in Uganda and become an important ambassador speaking up about poverty around the globe.  Consequently, she drew lots of inspiration from her recent life experiences that ultimately came together in the release of her new single “Crying Underwater”.

LISTEN: Dami Im drops breathtaking new single “Crying Underwater”

SEPTEMBER 13, 2019