The new song “Paper Dragon” by Dami Im was released as a Single through ABC Music on September 18 2020

Singer songwriter Dami Im unveils stunning new single and video ‘Paper Dragon’ today, her first release for her new record company ‘ABC Music’.

Co-written with ELKI, ‘Paper Dragon’ was to be her big, bold anthemic Eurovision 2021 entry, but with the global music festival’s cancellation, Dami knew she wanted to release the song at a time when “we need something fun and colourful and happy.”

“I needed to write again, and just really process what I was thinking about during this time,” says Dami, who used our lockdown period as an opportunity for introspection, creating new music resonant with new beginnings.

“It has been hard for so many people during Covid, including myself, to stay creative and positive. I have been writing every single day, though within our industry, everything’s changed, a lot of people are devastated, dreams are broken, and we’ve all had to shift and readjust to this new normal. I guess I wanted to release a song that’s hopeful and a bit of fun, and also as a way to express myself through lyrics that declare, ‘I am strong and I’ve always been strong’”.

The track was produced by Konstantin Kersting (Tones and I, Mallrat, The Jungle Giants), and is a nod to Dami’s love of synth pop, reminiscent of her hits ‘Super Love’ and ‘Gladiator’, with the use of unconventional instruments and sounds like scrunching paper, and a hook which just clicks.

“I think everyone can definitely relate to the lyrics in their own way. I find I have to continue to try and not pay too much attention to what other people outside are saying about me because sometimes that noise can really block me from my own beliefs about myself. I think that’s the message here in the song, for all of us.”

Usually collaborating in person, Dami found that remote creativity, where she and ELKI exchanged ideas around the lyrics via video calling, allowed her to continue “seeing the big picture and not lose perspective.”

“Overall, you remain balanced and get to bounce around ideas when you stay connected. When you talk to someone else, it really helps you to get outside of your head and just ‘refresh’. It ended up being a really enjoyable process.”

The video was also made remotely, utilising the services of international Director, Stefano Bertelli.

Dami says, “We were in the middle of lock down when I came across Stefano based in Italy, whose speciality is stop motion clips. The dragon and backdrop for the clip were all paper 3D models that he built. I’m just so happy with how the clip has come up and excited to share with everyone today.”

Dami’s “Paper Dragon” single debuted at #8 on the iTunes Songs Chart for its release and the Music Video entered at #1 on the iTunes Music Videos Chart.

It debuted at #1 on the AIR Independent Labels Singles Chart and at #27 on the ARIA Digital Chart for its first week of release.

Watch the Music videos on YouTube at:

Original Song – https://youtu.be/u1zt959vHi0

Piano Version – https://youtu.be/LrOCMYreLrU

Links to stream the new song: https://abcmusic.lnk.to/PaperDragonPR

And to stream the Piano version: https://abcmusic.lnk.to/DamiPD

To purchase a download copy from the iTunes Music Store:

Song – Paper Dragon – Single by Dami Im – https://music.apple.com/au/album/paper-dragon-single/1528276022

And fr purchasing the Music Video – Paper Dragon by Dami Im – https://music.apple.com/au/music-video/paper-dragon/1531348501